Editorial Services

Providing accessible and inclusive editing services, so you can share your story with the world.

I offer developmental edits and line edits for fiction, specializing in middle grade and YA science fiction and fantasy, and adult romance. I work on books, short stories, web copy, newsletters, and other writing.

My credentials include courses and intensives: Three Pass Editing with Liz Pelletier of Entangled Publishing, Before Your Hit Send with Angela James, and Amethyst Symposium on Freelance Editing with The Writer’s Sanctuary. Sample pages available upon request.

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“Editing with Andria Henry was a dream. Her critique style worked wonderfully for my neurodivergent brain; It never felt overwhelming or unmanageable, but rather inspirational and achievable.”
~Vanora Lawless, Author

Not sure if you’re ready for an editor? Or booked with me, but aren’t sure how to make your manuscript edit-ready? Download my short pre-edit workbook.

Part of my professional mandate is to assist writers in building appropriate and accurate diverse representation into their work. To that end, I’ve compiled this free resource for anyone to use.

What to Expect

  • By clicking on the Book Now buttons below below, you will be taken to my intake form.
  • After I have reviewed your project details, I will email you with an invoice.
  • If you agree to the terms of service (date and price), I will send you a contract.
  • On scheduled date, you will send your project and 1st half of fees.
  • When edits are complete, you will pay the balance of your fees.
  • I’ll send you your edits as stated in the service descriptions below.

Payment is accepted through Etransfer in Canada and through PayPal outside of Canada.

Outline Assessment

This option is great for early drafts and concepts. You submit your story’s outline and the first 10 pages. I will assess your outline for pacing, plot, and tension and provide a line edit on the first 10 pages to highlight any craft issues for you. Feedback will be given as in-document comments on the first 10 pages and up to 2 pages of notes regarding the outline. This package costs $100 USD.

Developmental Edits

A developmental edit is a deep assessment of your full story for content and issues of characters, pacing, consistency, worldbuilding, and other big-picture items.

Deliverables – When your scheduled time arrives, you will email me your full manuscript as a Word document. I will read through your manuscript and provide feedback through in-document comments and an edit letter of several pages which will cover everything I found in your manuscript that works, and suggestions for how to strengthen your work.

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Turn around is 2-4 weeks. After your edit is complete, I am available for email questions as they pertain to the issues I found for up to two weeks. 30 minute Zoom consultations are also available for an additional fee.

Developmental edits are $0.01/word USD.

Line Edits

A line edit is a more micro look at your writing. It’s a line-by-line look at voice, grammar, consistency, and style. This level of edit is meant to be an adjustment and polish after your manuscript has been through developmental editing and revisions.

Deliverables – When your scheduled time arrives, you will email me your work as a word document. I will edit and comment directly in your document so that you can review my suggestions. I will also provide an edit letter covering any bigger picture or recurring issues I found.

Turn around is 2-4 weeks. After your edit is complete, I am available for email questions as they pertain to the issues I found for up to two weeks. 30 minute Zoom consultations are also available for an additional fee.

Line edits are $0.01/word USD.

Developmental + Line Edit Package

The process is the same as described for developmental and line edits above. This is a discount package for booking both edits with me. I will complete the pass of developmental edits and provide full feedback, after which you have 90 days to complete your revisions and resubmit your manuscript for line edits.

After 90 days, the manuscript will be considered a new project and additional charges will apply. If your word count increases significantly before line edits, additional charges may apply. This package needs to be booked in advance and cannot be added to a developmental edit after the fact.

Developmental + Line Edit Package is $0.018/word USD.

Small Project Editing

I am also available for smaller projects such as short stories (under 10k), web copy, bios, newsletters, synopses, etc. Prices will depend on length and complexity of project. Click the link below to send me the details of the project and receive a quote. See also, the Artist services tabs for pricing on bios and webcopy.

BIPOC Author Package

I will support authors who are Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Colour by providing a FREE pass of edits. The author will select if they would like a developmental edit pass, a line edit pass, or a small project edit. Click the link below to fill out the booking form. There is a 120,000 word limit and this package is subject to availability. There is no application process and no booking deposit is required.

Zoom Consultation Add On

If, after your edits, you require more guidance and help that wasn’t covered in your edit, or if you want additional suggestions or feedback to get you unstuck, you can book a follow-up Zoom chat. For 30 minutes we can bounce ideas around and problem-solve your story.

30 minute Zoom Consultations are an add-on for package clients only and are $50 USD

“The feedback was incredibly helpful and useful. It was a lot of what I knew in the back of my head, and I either wasn’t sure how to deal with it or didn’t want to. However, you gave me a much clearer picture of where to go.” ~Fallon Willoughby, YA Author


  • Do you offer copy edits?
    • At this time, I don’t offer copy editing except for certain smaller projects. It is a more specialized skill, and I would also suggest finding someone different to copy edit your book than your line editor. A pair of fresh eyes will serve your work the most.
  • When am I ready for an editor?
    • When you have already polished your work as much as you can, you are ready for an editor. You don’t want to send an editor a first, or even second, draft. It is also beneficial that you gather and use feedback from beta readers or critique partners first if possible. My time (and your money) is better spent polishing a completed book.
  • When should I schedule an editor?
    • You should schedule an editor once you feel close to getting the book as far as possible on your own. I book clients up to 6 months in advance.
  • Can you do a sensitivity read?
    • I do not have the experience to be a useful sensitivity reader. I will, however, note during edits if any characterization or language is used that is potentially problematic and requires further research on the author’s part. In this way, I can flag any texts that I think would benefit from a sensitivity reader.