Here are some nice things my clients have to say!

“Honestly, I never really felt like I was given negative feedback.  Everything felt like you were giving me tools and feedback to improve. Your feedback has given me some great ideas of how to add my voice into my characters, and I think it gives me a better understanding of my own writing as well.”
~Fallon Willoughby, YA Author

“I really appreciated that your feedback seemed to understand the heart of my story, and all of your feedback was an encouragement to make it even better, not to change it.”
~Erin Phillips, YA Author

“From the beginning of the edit letter you conveyed the feeling that we were on the same team trying to make this book better. You helped me bring it up to that level, to really smooth out that reading experience. I think the book is *way* better as a result.
The edit letter is also a good list of things I can add to my own self-editing workflow. I really appreciate that capacity-building approach from editors. ”
~Skye Kilaen, Queer Romance Author

“I’m very impressed with how you took all that mess of *bleep*ing words and you did something with it. Wow! It’s so hard to do your own bio…artists, I highly recommend!”
~Nawal, Bellydance Artist

“It was a great amount of feedback, in-depth without being overwhelming. The suggestions were all necessary, actionable items that polished my manuscript to a beautiful shine! Any critique is hard to read, of course, but there was plenty of positivity to go along with it. I appreciated the mix.”
~Melanie Hansen, Romance Author

“Andria is communicative, prompt, professional and creative. She worked with me to create a bio that makes me feel proud and confident. She is an absolutely joy to work with!”
~Angela Josephine, Modern Fusion Dance Artist

“I’m so happy with the editing Andria did with my bio! I’m terrible at that kind of stuff and it was great getting a professional to help. Andria was really easy to work with and listened to what I needed.”
~Julie Aime, Bellydance Artist

“I love how thoroughly she works and how much detail she was able to keep without the fluff (which I always struggle with). 10/10!”
~Vanessa Matthews, Studio Owner, Dance Company Director

“These notes made me feel like my voice was appreciated and honoured. I will definitely be using Andria’s services again in the future, as well as directing people to her as often as possible.”
~Lara Herrera, Romance Author

“From the very beginning of the edit letter, I knew my authorial voice and the vison on the [story] were mine alone. All feedback and suggestions were made while keeping this in mind. Not once did I feel as though my voice was being overridden.”
~Deena Graves, Science Fiction Author

“I loved working with Andria, who clearly has a love for storytelling and the knowledge to help others tell the best story they can!”
~Hannah Hill, Middle Grade Author

“Editing with Andria Henry was a dream. Her critique style worked wonderfully for my neurodivergent brain; It never felt overwhelming or unmanageable, but rather inspirational and achievable. Combined with her inline comments and suggestions, the whole process became a fun endeavor that I genuinely enjoyed. My book is so much better for working with Andria, and I highly recommend her services.”
~Vanora Lawless, Historical Romance Author