Young Adult


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For most, wishing on a star can lead to a dream come true. For the people of Undercity, it’s more like a nightmare.

NORA (17) leads a girl gang of thieves who dedicate their talents to acquiring food and supplies for the people of Undercity, an encampment of refugees living in a network of tunnels beneath a city in the grips of a wishing addiction. In hiding from the vile Guildmaster, Nora risks herself daily in an effort to atone for the crimes she committed by wishing on the Stars as a member of the Guild.  

AREK (18) is about to be confirmed as Heir Apparent to the throne, but when he suspects his father of being under the influence of the Guildmaster, he fears for his kingdom and jeopardizes his future by seeking help outside the palace walls.

An opportunity to set the kingdom on a better path falls from the sky: A wishing Star in human form. The Star is on a mission to free himself and his Star companions from centuries of servitude. Nora and Arek must work together if they are to pull off the Star’s plan to end wishing forever. If they can break this curse-in-disguise, the people of Undercity could return to the surface, and the Guildmaster’s designs on the throne would be thwarted. But Arek isn’t ready to give up his kingdom’s most valuable resource.

UNDERCITY is a stand-alone YA fantasy with themes of redemption, loyalty, and sacrifice. The manuscript is complete at 69,000 words, and is best described as Stardust by Neil Gaiman meets the badass girl gang of Seafire by Natalie C. Parker.

An illustration of a young woman dressed in leather armor holding a dagger and tossing a pouch of coins.